Kodomo Corner

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Kids come join us at the Kodomo (Children's) Center and participate in one of these activities

  • Hachimaki: Make a stylized headband, worn as a symbol of perseverance or effort by the wearer. Can also be used for the obon dance later in the evening.
  • Koi Nobori: Decorate a koi (carp) with colorful and fun “scales”! Koi fish are symbols of strength and perseverance.
  • Kokeshi Doll: Color and create a kokeshi paper doll.
  • Uchiwa: Design your own paper uchiwa (fan) and use it at the Maui Matsuri bon dance. (Sponsored by Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i)
  • Games: Test your abilities with chopsticks and see how fast you can flip takoyaki balls. Throw an otedama (bean bag) into a target for a prize!
  • Origami Crafts: Make a dinosaur, insect, airplanes, pastries and lots more.
  • Coloring activities and a lot more!

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