Program schedule

3:00PM Welcome
3:05 Maui Taiko (Drumming)
3:35 Maui Buyo Academy (Classical Dancing)
3:45 Maui Okinawa Taiko (Drumming)
4:00 Victoria Jacintho (Koto)
4:10 Messages, Business Award
4:30 Ryugen Taiko (Drumming)
4:45 Marco Lienhard (Shakuhachi)
4:55 Ai Matsuda (Japanese Lion Dance)
5:15 Natto Eating Contest
(Shore to Shore Realty, Inc.)
5:25 Maui Minyo Kai (Folk Dancing)
5:40 Makawao Kendo Dojo (Martial Arts)
6:00 Ranga Pae (World Fusion Music – Koto)
6:15 Zenshin Daiko (Drumming)
6:40 Passport Winners Announcements
6:45 Marco Lienhard (Shakuhachi)
6:55 Ryugen Taiko (Drumming)
7:10 Ai Matsuda (Japanese Lion Dance)
7:30 Interfaith Prayer/Luminary Ceremony
Transition to upper campus

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ABOUT maui matsuri

Maui Matsuri started as a Japanese festival on Market Street in Wailuku Maui in May 1999. It is the only Japanese festival on Maui and it is put together totally by a team of volunteers. The perpetual theme for this festival is “Kodomo No Tame Ni“, which is part of our logo.  It translates to “For the Sake of the Children”.  Our focus is to provide an environment for families to share and learn about the Japanese culture and pass down traditions. Ancestors came here for a better life not only for themselves but for their children and for generations to come. In this spirit, we end the festival with a traditional obon dance which encourages all ages, all religious denominations, and all ethnicities to come together to dance in honor of all ancestors.

Community Obon

Maui Matsuri this year features a solemn luminary to offer healing from the Aug. 8, 2023 wildfires that took 101 lives. The Maui Interfaith Alliance is a group of spiritual leaders who have come together for a common purpose. The Alliance will lead some prayers, and lighting of 101 candles to kick-off the festival’s Obon Dancing finale. Some members of the Alliance participating are: Nā Mea ʻOli – Rev. Kealahou Alika and Fr. John A. Hauʻoli Tomoso+, Prayer in Christian Tradition – Pastor Roxanne WhiteLight, Prayer in Jewish Tradition – Chaplain Rabbi Ryan Mallek of the US Navy, Prayer in Buddhist tradition and to explain the significance of Obon – Rev. Kerry Kiyohara.

Please join us in this portion of the festival as we remember our loved ones.

passport Program

Get a FREE GIFT by getting
passport stamps at various event
locations between 3-6pm.

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Business Award

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