Japanese Festival

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May 25, 2024 // 3:00pm-7:00pm // 7:00pm-9:00pm Obon

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May 25,2024
Japanese Festival
Maui Taiko
maui taiko
Classical Dancing
Maui Buyo Academy
Maui Okinawa Taiko
maui okinawa taiko
Victoria Jacintho
Messages, Business Award
Ryugen Taiko
Ryugen Taiko
Marco Lienhard
marco lienhard
Japanese Lion Dance
Ai Matsuda
Sponsor Shore to Shore Realty
Natto Eating Contest
Folk Dancing
Maui Minyo Kai
Martial Arts
Makawao Kendo Dojo
World Fusion Music – Koto
Ranga Pae
ranga pae
Zenshin Daiko
zenshin daiko
Passport Winners Announcements
Marco Lienhard
marco lienhard
Ryugen Taiko
Ryugen Taiko
7:30 - 9:00
Obon Area

Presented by Pacific Media Group

Luminary Ceremony
Interfaith Prayer
Community Obon Festival

Coordinated by Maui Taiko and Maui Minyo Kai
Everyone is encouraged to dance!



Ai Matsuda

Born and raised in Japan until the age of 16, Ai Matsuda moved to Hawaii to study English. There, she began to play taiko with Hawaii Matsuri Taiko, led by Mrs. Faye Komagata – her aunt.

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marco lienhard

Marco Lienhard

Marco Lienhard is the director of both Taikoza and East Winds Ensemble (1995-Present). Marco Lienhard lived and performed in Japan for 18 years (1981-1998) as a member of the legendary Taiko group Ondekoza under director Tagayasu Den (who instigated the renaissance of Taiko). In

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Maui Taiko

Maui Taiko

The informal taiko group that existed in Keahua has continued for nearly a century through five generations of the Watanabe family. The family founded Maui Taiko with the intent of perpetuating the Fukushima Ondo tradition and incorporating other forms of taiko music.

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ranga pae

Ranga Pae

Ranga Pae (which means “Encircling the Earth” in Maori) was formed in 1995 by the husband and wife team of Kimo and Jody Huybrechts.

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Ryugen Taiko

Ryugen Taiko

RYUGEN TAIKO was formed by Nolan Miyahara in May 2014 as a not for profit 501(c)3 organization to truly promote and preserve Taiko in Hawaii.

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zenshin daiko

Zenshin Daiko

Zenshin Daiko is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation that is dedicated to teaching taiko to children and sharing it with the community. Since forming in March, 1999, Zenshin Daiko was performed in over 1,100 cultural and community events all over Maui and the neighbor islands. Zenshin Daiko has also performed in California, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon and Japan.

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Other Entertainers: Victoria Jacintho (Koto) , Maui Buyo Academy (Classical
Dancing) , Makawao Kendo Dojo, Maui Minyo Kai (Folk Dancing)



—Maui Fresh Streatery

  • Okomiyiki Street Pancake
  • Garlic Furikake Chicken Bowl
  • Unagi Don Bowl
  • Kamikaze Fries
  • Spicy Inari Ahi Bomb

— Tru Grindz

  • Hawaiian Plate
  • Lau Lau Plate
  • Chicken Hekka Plate
  • Deep Fried Ahi Poke Rolls
  • Poke Nachos
  • Drinks-Soda/Water
  • Shave Ice Regular
  • Shave Ice with Concensed Milk
  1. Crispy Roast Pork
  2. BBQ Char Siu
  3. Baked Manapua
  4. Custard Tarts
  5. Chicken Curry Puff

— Oyako Tei

  1. Bento
  2. Spam Musubi
  3. Pickled Onion
  4. Mustard Eggplant
  5. Namasu
  6. Takawan
  1. Ten Zaru
  2. California roll
  3. Sushi hand rolls
  4. Gyoza
  5. Croquette
  6. Spring rolls
  7. Salmon
  8. Fried Chicken
  9. Chicken Katsu
  10. Tako Yaki
  11. Yaki soba
  12. Tempura
  13. Menchi Katsu

— Sumo Dogs

  1. Island Style Hot Dogs and Chips
  1. BBQ Teri Beef on Bamboo Skewers (rice optional)
  2. Salted Rice Balls
  3. Dippin Dots
  1. Exotic snacks from around the world (Asia, Europe, Australia, and USA)
    • Chips
    • Cookies
    • Candies


  • B. Miyo Art: Apparel, accessories, and stationery goods featuring original “Hawaii Kawaii” inspired artwork by Bailey Onaga. 
  • Hi Darling Shop: Local style laser cut art and gifts, and ocean resin art handmade by a born and raised Maui Girl. (Web)
  • Mizmatched Star: Handmade kawaii jewelry, stationary, sewn items, charms, phone accessories, pens, and stickers direct from Oahu.
  • Mise Kimono: Hawaiiʻs official Kimono store featuring handmade apparel, handbags, and accessories made from Japanese fabrics and Mise Kimono Japanese/Hawaii inspired gifts.
  • Beads n Things by Kori: Handcrafted jewelry and scarf coverups.
  • Gothgyaru: Original art, keychains, stickers, charms, posters, and prints by artist Gothgyaru.
  • Tiara Koba: Tote bags, t-shirts, pouches, and macrame crafts. 
  • Kissy Hawaii: Handsewn gifts and baby items in an array of japanese prints. 
  • Hi Family LLC: Embroidered apparel and accessories with Japanese/Hawaii inspired designs.
  • Jewelry by the Ocean: Jewelry, jade, jackets, hair clips, stickers, and keychains.
  • Jen-E: Key Fobs, Pouches and wallets, and shoes bags. 
  • Honi Hawaii LLC: Tyvek bags, tumblers, shower curtains, and accessories made with local flower print designs. 
  • Planty Aloha: Variety of everyday and rare Plants and “green” inspired gifts.
  • Hapa Maui Designs: Hand sewn local, Japanese creations and Japanese style accessories, gifts, and toys. 

17th Annual natto eating Contest

Presented By

Sign up to enter at the Entertainment Stage at 4 pm – children and adult divisions; first six entries for each division accepted.
Contest begins at 5:15 pm.
The fastest eater wins.
Winners receive TJ Warehouse Outlet gift certificates. 
All contestants win the natto eating contest bowl.

Kodomo (Children’s) Corner Activities

  • Hachimaki: Make a stylized headband, worn as a symbol of perseverance or effort by the wearer. Can also be used for the obon dance later in the evening.
  • Uchiwa (fan) making: Design your own paper uchiwa and use it at the Maui Matsuri bon dance.
  • Origami crafts, games and coloring activities and a lot more!

Cultural Exhibits

Sponsored By

Located at

Pilina Building Student Lounge 3pm to 7pm

  • Japan regional information shared by the Consulate-General of Japan on Oahu.
  • Origami crafts presented by Hawaii State Federal Credit Union.
  • Gakuen Japanese Language School Learn three forms of the Japanese language (hiragana, katakana, kanji) and fold origami.
  • Hachimaki (headband)/uchiwa (fan) stamping and hanafuda game playing by the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii.
  • Emma board creating by the Japanese Cultural Society of Maui.
  • Fukushima prefectural information shared by Maui Fukushima Kenjin Kai.
  • Sustainable fishing activity by the Maui Ocean Center, The Aquarium of Hawaii.
  • Maui Sugar Plantation Display Display on current Sugar Museum offerings and artifacts to share plantation life presented by the A&B Sugar Museum.
  • Yu Language Honolulu Center – have your name written in kanji on a fan (for all ages).
  • MOA Kohrinka Activity & Display Arrange your own floral, take-home souvenir. Lessons in Kohrinka, or flower arranging, an appreciation of what nature has to offer – presented by members of MOA Kohrinka
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