Japanese Festival

uh maui college

Great Lawn

May 25, 2024 // 3:00pm-7:00pm // 7:00pm-9:00pm Obon


The entertainment schedule is currently being finalized.

Ai Matsuda

Born and raised in Japan until the age of 16, Ai Matsuda moved to Hawaii to study English. There, she began to play taiko with Hawaii Matsuri Taiko, led by Mrs. Faye Komagata – her aunt.

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marco lienhard

Marco Lienhard

Marco Lienhard is the director of both Taikoza and East Winds Ensemble (1995-Present). Marco Lienhard lived and performed in Japan for 18 years (1981-1998) as a member of the legendary Taiko group Ondekoza under director Tagayasu Den (who instigated the renaissance of Taiko). In

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Maui Taiko

Maui Taiko

The informal taiko group that existed in Keahua has continued for nearly a century through five generations of the Watanabe family. The family founded Maui Taiko with the intent of perpetuating the Fukushima Ondo tradition and incorporating other forms of taiko music.

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zenshin daiko

Zenshin Daiko

Zenshin Daiko is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation that is dedicated to teaching taiko to children and sharing it with the community. Since forming in March, 1999, Zenshin Daiko was performed in over 1,100 cultural and community events all over Maui and the neighbor islands. Zenshin Daiko has also performed in California, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Oregon and Japan.

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